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Nicola Richmond

Nicola Richmond MBA, RGN

As Director of Clinical Evidence and Health Economics for Ecolab Healthcare in the EMEA region, Nicola Richmond works closely with healthcare providers to develop solutions for infection prevention in day-to-day operations.

Nicola began her career in 1985, when she became a registered nurse (RGN) at the Royal Free Hospital in London. This extensive hands-on experience allows her to connect the latest clinical findings, best practices and health economic data to solve the challenges hospitals face on a daily basis including cleaning turnaround time, asset management and productivity gains.

Since joining Ecolab in 2012, Nicola has also served as division director for infection prevention and surgical for North Europe, also continuing to work two shifts per month in a UK emergency department to keep her clinical qualification.

Nicola worked in trauma nursing for decades with a special interest in pediatric resuscitation, adult trauma care, sudden death and bereavement in emergency care. She received her English National Board (ENB) qualifications in accident and emergency and has over 15 years of operating room experience, including brain stimulation, neurological and spinal surgery, and anesthetics. Nicola has worked as a senior nurse leader in several major inner-city London hospitals and was even recognized for her bravery at a serious road accident by the city of London police.

A member of both the Association for Perioperative Practice (AfPP) and the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) Directors Board for Medical and Clinical Directors, Nicola holds an MBA, as well as ABPI and CIM qualifications.