Commercial Termite Control and Elimination

Commercial Termite Elimination

Termites are social insects that live in colonies. They are usually located in the ground or in wood and feed on cellulose from wood or wood by-products, like paper or cardboard. Left unchecked, termite infestations can quickly inflict costly structural damage to your facility.

Ecolab's Pest Elimination Termite Program eliminates existing colonies and prevents future termite attacks.

Termites Can Cause Costly Damage

Across the North America, there are two types of common termites: Drywood and Subterranean. As their name indicates, Drywood termites live in dry wood such as structural wood and unprotected buildings. Any wood-to-soil contact is a potential site of entry. Subterranean termites require moist environments, and therefore cause damage to foundations, structural support wood and decayed wood. Often concealed, they can go undetected until signs of significant damage are present.

Ecolab's Termite Program rids existing colonies and prevents future termite infestation. Highly trained Service Specialists will thoroughly inspect your facility to identify signs of termite damage, then administer a liquid treatment to effectively kill off termites. Regular monitoring will help identify any new termite activity.

Our Termite Program includes:

  • On-site consultation and inspection to locate termite damage
  • Liquid treatments to provide quick knockdown and prevent return
  • Ongoing monitoring to identify termite activity in the earliest stages
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

Ecolab’s comprehensive pest program combines an outside-in approach to pest control with on-site consultation, data-driven reporting, customer support 24/7/365 and educational tools to raise staff awareness on how they can prevent pest activity.

When you partner with Ecolab pest elimination experts, you can be confident you are getting innovative, science-based solutions to keep your customers and staff safe and your facility pest-free.

Termite Fact:

Every year, damage caused by termites exceeds that of fires, storms and earthquakes combined.

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