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Housekeeping staff member wearing PPE gloves and rolling paper onto the floor with a roll brush.

Housekeeping Tools

The Ecolab Housekeeping Program has a line of quality cleaning housekeeping tools designed to help improve efficiency, results and the user experience for your staff.  Quick change feature, with extendable pole, that allows for improved ergonomics and worker safety.
The Right Cleaning Tools

Having the right tools at hand will help to reduce the amount of time it takes to clean a room while maintaining high performance.

  • Improve efficiency and user experience with the quick change feature and tools that are interchangeable with the same handle
  • Quickly move from one task to the next while minimizing trips to the housekeeping trolley
  • Increase user safety with lightweight tools including easy on-and-off mechanisms 

Learn more about how Ecolab’s ergonomically designed housekeeping toolkit can help increase your housekeeping performance by up to 50%.