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HotelProtect Pest Solutions for Hospitality

A random sampling of hotel guests reveals surprisingly common pest stories. All it takes is one incident to tarnish your reputation. Protect your business and your guests. HotelProtect provides comprehensive protection against common pests and proactive options against bed bugs.
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Ecolab Pest Elimination for Hotels

Ecolab’s HotelProtectSM programme uses an outside-in, proactive approach to pest management. We know that keeping pests out of your facility is the first step to an effective pest programme. By working with our experts, you'll stay ahead of pest problems and provide a rewarding guest experience.

HotelProtect: guaranteed to protect you against more pests. Working in partnership with you, we protect your brand through rigorous inspections, regular monitoring, effective treatments and training for your staff.
The unique HotelProtect Programme – truly comprehensive protection:

  • Fully inclusive pricing – inspection, monitoring and monitor boxes, with no hidden extras 
  • Partnership Guarantee for rodents and cockroaches – assurance of effective service or one month’s service refund*
  • Monitoring, inspection and reporting – on the pests that could threaten your business
  • MyEcopro customer web portal – fast, easy, secure access to service and trend reports

HotelProtect covers you for all these pests (according to the options selected in your contract):

  • Bed Bugs
  • Rats & Mice
  • Cockroaches
  • Small Flies
  • Garden Ants 
  • Wasps
  • Occasional Invaders 

Recommendations on preventative measures for hygiene and structural issues conducive to pests, and action-driven reporting, after each and every service visit.

Ecolab offers:

  • Highly trained, professional service specialists who understand the needs of the hospitality industry to provide high-quality service with proven solutions
  • More than 83 years of experience servicing hotels 
  • Industry-leading innovation including proprietary protocols and equipment
  • Easy to follow educational tools and resources used in thousands of hotels

When you partner Ecolab, you can be confident you are maintaining a pest-free facility to protect your guests, staff, and your reputation.


* Conditions apply

Bed Bug Expertise
Ecolab is the authority on bed bugs. Our in-house team of entomologists and chemists have developed a proven science-based, multiple inspection and treatment service to assure active infestations are identified and eliminated.
General Hotels Testimonial Video
General Hotels Corporation shares the value it sees partnering with Ecolab Pest Elimination and having the confidence that their hotels are pest-free.