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Meeting an Urgent Need Safely
We’re supporting the frontline workers who use our cleaning and disinfecting solutions to maintain good hand hygiene and clean surfaces, tools and equipment so they can keep patients healthy, produce and prepare food safely and keep critical infrastructure running smoothly.

Protecting Our People
To help protect our employees and their families, we have required those who can work at home to do so, introduced additional social distancing and cleaning protocols at our facilities, and provided guidance, training and PPE to our field force. 

Working Safely On-site
For those employees who are working on-site to serve customers providing essential services, we’ve created specific protocols to ensure their safety and the safety of our customers.

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How can my business combat the coronavirus?

Work with your Ecolab team to determine which disinfectant products, training and compliance education opportunities exist for your business. Get industry-specific expertise, resources and information, and sign up to stay up to date on the most recent information on COVID-19.