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We look forward to connecting with you at the 2020 GFSI Conference

Ecolab GFSI booth
Visit us at the Ecolab booth

Visit us at the Ecolab booth to learn more about how we can partner to advance food safety in your organization. Our interactive experience is in exhibition space 17/19. 

Join us at 2020 GFSI Conference in Seattle, Washington, USA
Special Session: Food Safety and Sustainability

Wednesday, February 26, 2020, 11:15 - 12:00 pm

Learn more about the Ecolab special session below.

Food Safety and Sustainability: Transforming the way we do business to beat the coming resource crunch

GFSI Special Session: Feb. 26 at 11:15 a.m.-12 p.m. PST in Evergreen Ballroom, Level 1

As the world gets hotter, drier and more unpredictable, bold new approaches, digital technology and a connected mindset will help us ensure a safe global food supply.     

The world is changing – fast. The population is growing, the climate is changing, and water is increasingly scarce. In this complex landscape, businesses will need new ways to grow, produce, store and serve high quality food and keep it safe - sustainably. We’ll need to find transformational approaches that can help us get ahead of challenges posed by a rapidly growing, rapidly changing food system.

Without question, we’ll need to lean on digital technology to leapfrog ordinary progress. Already, it has connected an ever-growing number of people, sensors and devices. It has created new business models and social networks, resulted in new ecosystems and transformed our economy. And it can help us advance sustainability and food safety simultaneously.

Join us for an engaging conversation with Mark Overland, Director, Global Certification, Cargill and John Carter, Area Europe Quality Director, Ferrero to discuss how this transformation is affecting organizations all along the supply chain – and how other companies can learn from what these forward-thinking brands are doing.

Don’t miss this special session moderated by Emilio Tenuta, Senior Vice President, Corporate Sustainability, Ecolab.

Emilio Tenuta

Emilio Tenuta
Senior Vice President, Corporate Sustainability

Mark Overland, Cargill

Mark Overland
Director, Certification, Cargill Food Safety, Quality, Regulatory

John Carter, Ferrero

John Carter
Area Europe Quality Director, Ferrero

Transforming your frontline to enable growth

GFSI Breakout Session: Feb. 26 from 3:45-5 p.m. PST in Cedar Ballroom, Level 2

Empowering frontline workers with technology, information and training can yield significant increases in productivity and mitigate risk. However, reaching and engaging these workers is not without its challenges.

During this interactive workshop, you will hear from experts from Harvard Business Review – Analytics Services, McDonald’s, Microsoft and Lobster Ink as they discuss how to overcome barriers and drive increased performance for this critical group of workers.  The breakout session will be moderated by Lisa Robinson, Vice President, Global Food Safety & Public Health, Ecolab.

Cindy Jiang, McDonald's

Cindy Jiang
Senior Director of Global Food and Packaging Safety, McDonald’s Corporation

Greg Jones, Microsoft

Greg Jones
Director of Retail & CPG Global Strategy, Microsoft

Alex Clemente, HBR

Alex Clemente
Managing Director, Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

Tim Nel, Lpbster Ink

Tim Nel
Founder, Lobster Ink

Ecolab Global Food Safety Conference GFSI reception
Ecolab Reception During GFSI Conference

Join Ecolab at The Lakehouse in Bellevue, WA for regional cuisine, cocktails, a wine tasting and conversation. The reception will feature Pacific Northwest craft cooking by James Beard Award-winning chef Jason Wilson. The Lakehouse is a two-minute walk from the Hyatt Regency – the conference hotel – and is accessible by skyway. We hope to see you there!

Date: Wednesday, Feb. 26
Time: 6:30-9:30 p.m.
Location: The Lakehouse (map)
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Meet the Ecolab experts at GFSI

Our Food Safety and Public Health Experts provide expertise to eliminate foodborne illness and ensure safe food to protect people and businesses from the risks of pathogens.

Lisa Robinson
Vice President, Global Food Safety & Public Health

Robinson leads a global network of divisionally aligned food safety resources and is responsible for the functional leadership of Ecolab's food safety and public health strategy. 

Ruth Petran, PhD

Petran provides technical expertise and consultation to internal and external customers on food safety and public health issues by identifying emerging food safety trends and new control strategies.

Sima Hussein, CP-FS

Hussein oversees training and manages the audit services growth, quality and data analytics for the over 340,000 audits conducted annually by the Food Retail Services division. She also has recently been leading the predictive analytics work for food retail.

Mandy Sedlak, RS/REHS

Sedlak is responsible for Health Department response, foodborne illness response and food code interpretation, and providing education and recommendations to help customers adopt best practices and mitigate risks in the day to day operations. 

Anna Starobin, CPFS, MD

Starobin is responsible for food safety, environmental testing, equipment evaluation, outbreak prevention and recovery, regulatory, product development and research for Ecolab quick service and food retail customers in the U.S. and internationally.

Tatiana Lorca, PhD

Lorca in charge of developing audit, training, consulting services and scientific support for the supply chain from farm to fork and working with multiple internal divisions to assure internal staff compliance to international food safety certification programs. 

Food Safety Perspectives

Learn more from our Experts and Leaders about how Ecolab is addressing the current and future food safety concerns of your industry.

Protecting the Food Supply Chain from Farm to Fork

Ecolab has expertise at many points along the food supply chain - from farm to fork - in a variety of industries. Our services keep your customers safe from foodborne illness - from the plants used to manufacture food to the grocery stores and restaurants where it's purchased and consumed. Our aim is to develop a robust and lasting partnership - built on trust and expertise - to elevate your food safety reputation.

Learn more on how we partner with your sector below.

Food & Beverage Processing
There's nothing more vital than the world's food supply. And our appetite for finding better food manufacturing solutions is never-ending. We can help optimize every aspect of your food or beverage processing operation and deliver measurable improvements in operational efficiency, plant sustainability and product safety.
Food Retail
Our expertise in the Food Retail industry is built on enhancing customer experience through comprehensive solutions for food safety, quality assurance and clean, sanitized operations. Solutions like SaniSave and LmENTARY help supermarket, warehouse and big box chains ensure thorough cleaning, but also greatly simplify the cleaning process and provide savings to their bottom line through the use of less labor, water and energy.
Our restaurant customers need ways to ensure their vegetables, fruits, ice and other food products won't make people sick. Our programs ensure guest satisfaction and enhance your brand through solutions that protect food safety, improve efficiency and deliver exceptional clean throughout your foodservice operation.
Pest Elimination
We understand the importance of preventing pests before they have the chance to threaten your customers' safety and damage your reputation. Ecolab Pest Elimination has more than 30 years of pest management experience. We offer scientifically proven protocols that are personally delivered by service specialists who understand your business.