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Long Term Care

Ecolab is a trusted partner in environmental hygiene and infection prevention—helping long term care and senior living communities improve workforce agility, build optimal operations and foster well-being and inspire confidence among residents, families and employees with clean, healthy spaces.
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Learn how Ecolab can help you become a community of choice for residents and employees—while helping you manage top and bottom-line potential.

Featured Long Term Care Solutions

Housekeeping for LTC
Residence satisfaction and operational efficiency are vitally important to your success. Our comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting solutions, combined with unparalleled service and expert training, makes Ecolab your go-to resource for all of your property cleaning needs.
Hand Care

Proper hand hygiene can help prevent the spread of infection and foodborne pathogens to keep your employees and guests safe and healthy. Our hand hygiene system combines effective chemistry with technology and expert training to help drive compliance.


On-Premise Laundry
Ecolab will partner with you to develop an on-premise laundry program, featuring advanced chemistry and equipment, that helps you manage the total cost of laundry including water and energy consumption. Your laundry program needs to provide fresh and soft results that are also hygienically clean, while reducing operational costs.
Machine Warewashing

Ecolab leverages leading-edge innovation to provide specific solutions for your unique operation and incorporates a holistic view of operations to help you obtain the clean results customers expect while helping to save water, energy and, ultimately, costs.

Carpet Care
Floor Care
Manual Warewashing


Pest Elimination for LTC
water management
Water Management

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